My Story

I was told long ago if you have a strong desire to achieve accomplishment you should pursue it as it could be your destiny. I was not told of the despairing disappointment and adversarial battle that would come in trying to achieve that perceived destiny.

As a child, I felt a strong desire to become something greater than the very poor, small town insignificant girl that I was. My fantasies were to fight for some great cause. My heroines became Joan of Arc, and Jordana in the book Exodus.
 At the age of twenty one I became the youngest female to get a real estate license in the state of Utah, but that did not make me great. I was the first female to be accepted as an account representative for a large national business forms company--in which I became the second top representative my second year, and one of the first women to sell computer hardware in an all male environment…it took courage but did not make me great. 
At the age of thirty five I still had not become great, in fact my life, after my few years of successes, became one disappointment, and failure  after another. I even felt I was in a constant battle with a dark-force that did not want me to achieve my destiny…what ever it was to be. 
Over the years I developed a burning desire to write of wondrous things I had learned--that rang true to my heart--with the hopes they might excite and touch the souls of others as they had mine. From this desire came the  “The Millennial Heroes” and “The Lost Gift”…and an increased battle against the forces of darkness. 
Now, in my sunset years I am hoping perhaps my fantasies of  fighting for a great cause can be realized--not by going into battle as did Joan of Arc or Jordana but by the written word. My chosen battle is through “The Blog” (a fictional novel based on fact) as I expose those who would destroy America’s sovereignty and our freedoms through captivating characters and plot. 
My books may not make me great in the eyes of the world but if I can touch a few hearts and be a warning voice and voice of hope through their written words…the battles and possible subsequent battles will be worth it.
I mention subsequent battles due to a rather disturbing incident at my sister’s home a week after I had submitted “The Blog” manuscript for printing . She was helping me get a hotel room on Priceline.  My e-mail address and confirmation were required. She typed in my rather long e-mail address, copied it and pasted it in the confirmation block…keeping in mind a major part of The Blog concerns the threats against the heroine for her exposing the real names of America enemies and even though she is a fictional character I am not…what appeared in the confirmation block was not my copied e-mail but rather the words “and the threat against her”.
Had we been doing this on my computer  it could have been residue from a past copy…although not likely…but we were on her computer and she had never typed that phrase--what this might portend, I do not know but I love my country enough to take the chance necessary to fight for her.