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Abby shook uncontrollably as she huddled behind the putrid, overflowing garbage bins in the alley. She wrapped her arms tighter around her. Even though the misery of the fetid smell and the cold overwhelmed her, she dared not venture from her hiding place.
She couldn’t stop the tears flowing from red and swollen eyes. How had she come to this? How had the blog of one twenty-two year old university senior so inflamed others, that she was forced to cower behind the refuse of humanity in fear for her life?
How…?--her thoughts ended abruptly at the sound of fast-paced footsteps echoing in the alley way. She froze. They came closer, faster, then stopped near her hiding place. She dared not breath. She waited. No sound. Was he laying in wait for her to make the first move? Could she wait him out? She pled for God’s help.
She heard another set of footsteps start down the alley. A hoarse voice called her name. the footsteps slowed and stopped in front of the garbage cans that concealed her. She could hear his heavy breathing. In her panic, a gasp escaped her throat.
“Abby?” the man called out in a labored voice as he knocked the trash cans out of the way. She squeezed her eyes shut like a child, who thinks if she can’t see the monster it isn’t there.
A gunshot rang out, its piercing sound reverberating in the darkened alley. Abby did not see who called her name.

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