Once I started reading The Blog, I couldn't put it down. I was captivated. The author got it right and readers can't help but realize there are real and threatening forces trying to destroy the America we love, by eroding the principles of the Constitution which protect our freedoms. The whole college campus setting is the perfect backdrop. The romance is beautiful and the spiritual undertones tie this story together in a great read. I'm certainly sharing this book. Pam S

"THE BLOG" is so extraordinary I am still thinking about the characters, Abby and Elijah, weeks after I've finished the book! It is a story of passions, life threatening danger, extreme courage, strength, and eternal love with a splash of humor…I even laughed out loud at one point, something I rarely do while reading. If you care about this country it is a must read. Jill M

I was very impressed when I read Carolyn Adams Hanchett's book The Blog. My feelings as one who has taught American History and American Government, is that the story is a classic and is worthy of becoming a best seller.
It is truly refreshing to know there are people who understand the great Constitution developed by men of God in the twilight of America. I sincerely appreciate any person who has the courage to speak for the truth and knows what they are talking about.
Reid G, Former Law Enforcement Officer, teacher, Psychologist and author.