The Lost Gift

The author brings to life a captivating tale of perilous and astonishing quests; ethereal and worldly beasts; battles pitting brother against brother, light against darkness.  The plot unfolds on the new world, Sarian, as Dagin—the master of the Dark Kingdom—schemes to keep forever hidden, the knowledge of The Lost Gift. Its powerful secret threatens his designs to conquer the new worlds. The destiny of two souls, Alazzia and Zarin hang in the balance, as they combat Dagin and his forces to bring The Lost Gift out of obscurity. With the help of Rajeen—a being of light—who is The Keeper of Secret Knowledge, and their undying love, they have a chance for victory.  It is a story that is truly a feast for the reader’s mind and heart.  Written for teens, enjoyed by adults.

Dagin screamed with such venomous rage it filled the bowels of his dark kingdom, its rippling effect shaking the universe. “Cursed be The Gift!” he bellowed. “And cursed be the being of light, Rajeen—The Keeper of Secret Knowledge.” He knew Rajeen would be commissioned to bring the knowledge of The Gift out of obscurity.

       It was The Gift which had threatened Dagin’s conquering of worlds from the dawn of time. He must wage a greater war—a war that would involve his most insidious weapon—deception.

       Rajeen was ready. The war would soon begin.